Cinco de Mayo – Part two.

A few days ago I was lamenting the fact that my daughter had too much stuff squeezed into her tiny dorm room.  Among the items I thought she should give away was a ‘Happy Cinco de Mayo’ T-shirt she got for free from Taco Bell.

I lost the argument and she kept the shirt along with pretty much everything else.  And as if to drive home the point that it’s OK to own totally impractical stuff, we ran into this display yesterday at Kate Spade:



Yes, this is the $300 women’s cross-body/clutch designed to look like a paper bag from your local Mexican fast food joint. Naturally, this would go well with the free ‘Happy Cinco de Mayo’ Taco Bell T-shirt my daughter wears once a year..if she can find it. (This year she couldn’t.)

..and of course she thought this little bitty ditty was completely, totally (!!) adorable.

An expensive leather purse designed to look like you are carting around last night’s left-overs…oh, why the heck not??

I’d love to know what sales are like for this item…. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were through the roof– why?

Because we live in a crazy world!!!!

Consignment Heaven

I’m addicted. We have a consignment shop down the road and the deals on name brand clothing are amazing. Case in point..this Ann Taylor dress with the tags still attached; originally $99.


I got it for $26.

Shopping at this store is like a combination of trick-or-treating, Easter egg hunting and diving for treasures  minus the wet suit.  (Although I bet you could find one there if you looked. 😉)

Much more fun than the mall.





Color power


“This is a pretty pink” my manicurist said as I stood in front of her display taking way too long to choose a polish.

“Oh, I’m more of a coral girl” I demurred, slowly spinning the case again.

She kept insisting I try her pick (which was kind of strange..) until I finally thought “why not, I mean really- it’s nail polish..who cares?”

I own almost nothing that’s pink; no clothes, no lipstick, no pillows..maybe one scarf- that’s it.

So it came as a complete surprise to me that I have slowly fallen in love with this color and yes, it all started when she painted my nails that day.

All I can tell you is that if black and red and white convey certain messages or feelings ..then bright pink certainly does too.


Pink telegraphs happiness and positivity draws people starts conversations.


Pink is a statement that life can be good, that there’s hope in spite of everything.


Pink is a magnet; don’t wear it if you’re in a bad mood or want to be left alone.


Pink is power and confidence-the good kind, the approachable kind.


Such a little thing really..the colors we choose- right?

Although in this day and age, maybe not..

Maybe in a world full of chaos and anger-  happy colors matter more.

Try a little bright pink in your life and see what happens..

Go ahead..I insist. 😉