Stuck in “before.”


I was watching a make-over show on TV this morning. The woman they were “working on” had her hair completely transformed by this super friendly and attentive hairdresser. When he was done highlighting and snipping and blowdrying, she looked absolutely amazing! As he slowly spun the chair around for the big reveal, he asked her what she thought.

The woman stared blankly at herself in the mirror for about 30 long seconds and then said “I don’t know, I guess I just need to get used to it.”

My jaw did his.

Next was a session with a make-up artist and guess what, her reaction was the same.

Every one of these professionals was highlighting every single best feature this lady had, but it was as if she simply didn’t want to see them. This poor woman was completely invested in a lesser, smaller, more invisible version of herself…but her appearance was actually far from neutral.  She had become so sloppy, her image so off-putting, that it was actually pushing people away while simultaneously attracting negative attention..and as the show progressed, you could see that she was slowly coming to terms with the truth that she was doing it on purpose because she wanted to be left alone.


In the end, after buying all new clothes and getting plenty of friendly counseling, she seemed to have a breakthrough. Her smile was big and authentic and you could see that she was ready to commit to an exciting journey of self discovery and realization.  She was ready to become an active participant in her own life and open herself up to as of yet unknown experiences. She finally realized that her appearance could become a doorway instead of a wall- one through which she could head out into the world and invite new friends to come in as well. It was an awesome transformation both externally and internally; a rebirth more than a makeover. I felt moved, inspired and hopeful.

Don’t you just love a happy beginning?

You’ve got one life….





Another room officially DONE!

Other than eventually buying (or building) some shelves..for the knick knacks I keep swearing I WILL NOT buy.. our living room is officially completed!


Whereas the family room is a put your feet up on the cheap coffee table while you watch football kinda space, the living room is where I want to curl up and relax in peace. The sun streams through the front windows from dawn until dusk, so it’s a cozy, bright, open room to enjoy.


I bought the “stone” love seats at MACY’S of all places after a thoroughly exhaustive search for smaller sized leather sofas. (As you can see, the space is not only quite tight, but it is an odd shape to fill, especially with a fireplace jutting into the room.)


The pillows were a great deal at Crate and Barrel, $19.95 each including the insert! The super soft, Portuguese throws were also a sweet find at Home Goods, $29.95. Taupe is a strange color with many variations..some more grey, others more brown or green, so finding the right colors for accessories was a bit of a struggle- at least it was for me! The beautiful scalloped glass bowl was a Christmas gift from my youngest; pretty sure that was Crate and Barrel, and I brought the shells up here from Florida to remind me of home. 🌴


Coffee table, throw rug and lighting were all from I needed downward lighting that was on a dimmer with maximum brightness available for reading. Each bulb here is 75Watts. It took me forever to find appropriate lighting that didn’t cost an absolute fortune! I did not want to have to purchase any other lamps for the room- especially none that required more furniture.

Mercury glass candlesticks were a quick pick up at Michaels after we decided to ditch the gas log insert. The battery operated candles are Luminara. I have shared my love for these realistic candles in the past and I still cannot get enough of them. Every evening at around 5pm, those little beauties light up, filling the room with a warm flickering glow.


So yeah, we are getting there!!! The tile guy just completed the kitchen backsplash which was HUGE!!  We still have to seal the grout..

Before and after pics coming soon!