The Diagnosis

What I was writing about two years ago…


woman-in-white-lying-against-white-sheets-with-headacheI couldn’t deny it any longer.  I had to face the fact that I had somehow developed allergies.   I never had issues with mold or grass or anything..until about ten days ago. Then out of nowhere, I suddenly developed a host of symptoms.

I complained of my daily head ache to my husband who reminded me that it was that time of year with all manner of trees blooming and pollen accumulating like dust. I talked to my mom about the pressure, the heavy-eyes, the fatigue and this yucky, unshakable feeling of malaise. She told me she had a friend who developed terrible allergies later in life.

Of course, no matter what I talk to my mother about, she always seems to have “a friend” curtis-house-firewho has personal experience with whatever we’re discussing.  These  mystery friends either have the illness I am worried about, had some horrible experience in…

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Oh Boy, Girl!

Clearly we are living in a bipolar age when a woman’s “strength” is portrayed and displayed in ways that are so different. We can forgive our daughters for being confused ( I mean who will be the little Wall Street girl’s female heroines?   Her “enemy” has been defined, but what about her  role models?)

..And our sons? Well, God bless ’em.







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My Happy Girl


Is there someone in your life who is so positive, so joyful, so content, that you just can’t get enough of them?

..that you want to be around them simply to warm your soul in their sunshine,

not only for your own “good”..

but so you can share what you absorb with others?

I am SO blessed

to ‘have’ someone like that..

and just thinking about her

makes me smile.

(You know who you are..😀)



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