How to stay informed and stay sane..

If you watch/read a news story that sets your hair on fire- immediately click on the live streaming video of this Eagle in her’s SO calming, distracting and relaxing..I’m totally invested in these crazy eggs!

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While you were sleeping your government relieved you of yet one more right over your life and your property.  The Obama administration has ruled that it is now illegal not to rent to people with criminal backgrounds-because of their criminal backgrounds- IF they are members of a minority group or “protected class.”

“A housing provider violates the Fair Housing Act when the provider’s policy or practice has an unjustified discriminatory effect, even when the provider had no intent to discriminate.   Under this standard, a facially-neutral policy or practice that has a discriminatory effect violates the Act if it is not supported by a legally sufficient justification.

It’s so sad that our choices for president are so poor in 2016 because this is such a pivotal moment in our country’s history. Congress’ ineffectiveness and the Supreme Court’s polarization have led to a “Super Executive” who rules by issuing orders and even more alarming, the creation of “super departments” with extraordinary, unilateral powers to affect the lives of every single American.

Some have called the EPA the 4th branch of government- well if this is so then HUD (dept. of housing and urban development) just became the 5th.

My sister, who is single, rents out her furnished basement to earn extra income. I am certain she has no idea that she can no longer screen out applicants for criminal activity if they are members of “a particular race, national origin, or other protected class” (section 3-page 2.)

I’ll let her know this morning..right after I watch the big bird.




Best day to book a flight?

I had heard the best day to buy airline tickets was Tuesday- how about you? Turns out, according to a 2014 study by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, that domestic tickets bought 50-100 days prior to traveling are best purchased on… SUNDAY! Yup, supposedly this could save you up to a cool $110 compared to over-all prices for seats purchased later and on other days of the week. The sweet spot is 57 days ahead of travel for US destinations for an average savings of about 19%. (Another great tip from Real Simple Magazine- see ‘what’s not to love’ bottom of homepage)

Watch out for those late dinners!


Is it true that we should stop eating before 8pm? Dr. Oz says “yes!” Eating too close to bedtime causes acid reflux or the more serious GERD, gastro-esophageal reflux disease. When stomach acids gurgle back up they can cause heartburn, nausea, bloating, indigestion and even hoarseness and coughing. Scary enough, there may be a link between severe GERD and esophageal cancer.

The recommendation is to wait at least three hours after eating before you lay down. If you do eat late, try to make the meal a light one and skip the caffeine, soda, alcohol and chocolate.(No chocolate? umm, that’s gonna be tough)

Tossing expired medications


I am embarrassed to admit this, but when I recently performed a “deep cleaning” of my bathroom I realized I had quite a few really old pills at the way top of my cabinet. I even had left over nausea medication from when my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed- years ago!

As I looked at my growing pile of expired bottles and boxes I wondered how to properly dispose of them. Well, worry not- there’s a website for that! A surprisingly large number of meds can be flushed, and there are step by step guidelines for disposing the others, including what to do with the containers that have your personal information on them.

I am a much happier camper now that I can open my cabinet door without stuff falling down on me! Here’s to an organized, streamlined life!!! Less really is more, 🎉 YAY!

The skinny on salt


According to Dr. Oz, healthy adults need approximately 2,300 mg of salt a day to keep our muscles and nerves in good working order. (That’s about one teaspoon.) It isn’t so much that salt itself is bad, we just tend to eat too much of it.  75% of the sodium Americans consume is found in processed food.  Examples are: 6 chicken nuggets: 580mg, 1 cup chicken noodle soup: 930mg, and the mack daddy of them all..PIZZA- 2 slices: 1,280 mg of salt!

“Styling” your coffee table

coffee table

According to designer Phoebe Howard of Southern Living magazine, there’s a four step formula to arranging a coffee table. (yes, four)  You need #1, something tall, #2, one oddball conversation piece (see white antlers above-ha!), #3, Something fresh like ivy or fresh cut flowers and #4, a stack of books.  I know, I know..the men are scratching their heads. I can hear my husband already howling over the fake antlers and asking where on earth he’s supposed to put his feet..and I get it. He has his own 4 ‘must haves’ on a coffee table..#1, a classic, black channel changer, #2, a neat stack of today’s mail, #3, a tall glass of cold beer #4 a beautiful bowl of fresh nachos. 👍



The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that people who drink four cups of coffee a day may be 20 % less likely to develop malignant melanoma.  So, I’m it the coffee or the actual behavior involved in drinking it that matters most?  Drinking FOUR hot cups of java would take me a long is it at all related to the fact that these people are in their PJs drinking at home, or for that matter, maybe in the office drinking coffee at work.. and therefore not out in the sun? 😉..just askin’