The Art of Multi-tasking


Lets face it, most of us are busy people. When we jump into bed at the end of the day we most likely reflect on two lists..the list of stuff we’ve accomplished, and the list of stuff we didn’t have time to get to.  My “didn’t get to it list” often includes the important things I need to be doing for long-term health; like stretching.

My quest for better health began weeks ago and it didn’t take long before I ran into problems associated with my unbalanced approach of focusing on muscle building and ignoring muscle flexibility. I needed to be doing much more stretching but I simply could not seem to carve out the time or tap into the discipline needed to make the time.

So I’ve started multi-tasking.

I’m reading a book on the importance of whole body stretching and have decided to incorporate this practice into everything I do all day long; driving, sitting in church, reading, cleaning, pumping gas whatever.  Now before you have visions of me getting into a downward dog in the check-out line at Target, understand that I am not the type to attract undo attention to myself- ever

Nope, you’d never know what I was up to unless you were really staring in which case-




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Just in time for summer road trips!

My Physical Therapist cut about a 16″ long section of a swim noodle for me to use while  driving (and sitting in general) as described in this video.

It isn’t a cure all for my sciatica, but it seems to  help a little. That, combined with occasional, simple neck stretching seems to take the edge off the pain (agony) I usually “run into” on long car rides.




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The parable of the “Love Cakes”

Love is like a tray of cupcakes.

You wake up every morning with a silver platter full of your unique offerings and take it with you as you walk out the door.

One by one you share your love with those in your life:

your friends

your family

your co-workers

your significant other

even strangers..

and as you do

your  tray gets lighter and lighter until it’s empty

freeing up both of your hands

to live..





Unless you don’t.


You see some of us hold on to love

and we lug around our increasingly heavy tray




and our hands are so occupied with the burden

and weight

of this unshared love

that it becomes impossible

to think of anything else

or serve anyone else

but ourselves.


Then there are times when we are so focused on

one person

one passion

one problem

that we dump every single one of our love cakes onto this

one single area..

day in and day out and..

 until suddenly

what we thought was a healthy offering


a sticky, overwhelming, sickening pile

of unappreciated



Love is like a tray of cupcakes..

 how are you going to share yours today?






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The Treasure Hunt

Most of us at some point probably envisioned our lives unfolding like a well defined road.  And while we didn’t dare dream that we could never run into issues (traffic jams, engine problems, a flat tire, running out of gas…) we likely believed that the general route would basically stay the same.

And then the trip begins..

and we quickly come to realize that our journeys are a bit more like scavenger hunts than speeding down Interstate 95. Not only are we not always 100% sure of where we’re headed, but progressing down the winding path is completely contingent upon decoding and acting upon the ‘clues’  we pick up at the stops (and blocks) along the way.

Yes, it can be slow and frustrating at times, but as we puzzle over decisions, consider our options and study our maps, we tap into a trove of hidden strengths: resourcefulness, resiliency, creativity, openness, adaptability, courage, patience and yes, a healthy dependency on that which is outside of ourselves..our friends, our family and God.

Life really is a treasure hunt, but the treasure isn’t simply some great reward that we finally reach at some future point..NO!

The lasting and meaningful treasures are the personal attributes we develop along the way.




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Not sure if you’ll see this..

..but if you do, I want you to know how proud I am of you. Not just proud, but inspired by the way you live your life. You are dedicated, focused, hard-working and smart. You adapt to changing circumstances and you truly care. You are constantly striving to improve yourself. You bend in the wind, but you don’t break.  You are self-aware..and to be honest, that’s  a missing trait in many of your peers.

You encourage me,

you motivate me,

you make me want to do more with this life of mine

and do it better.

You are rooted in goodness..







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