Consignment Heaven

I’m addicted. We have a consignment shop down the road and the deals on name brand clothing are amazing. Case in point..this Ann Taylor dress with the tags still attached; originally $99.


I got it for $26.

Shopping at this store is like a combination of trick-or-treating, Easter egg hunting and diving for treasures  minus the wet suit.  (Although I bet you could find one there if you looked. 😉)

Much more fun than the mall.





Gift Idea #4


Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

For the elderly person in your life. My mom, who suffers from low vision, keeps hers at her bedside table so that she can clearly see the information first thing in the morning. The display is so sharp, you can easily see it from across the room as well. Many styles available, most under $60. Great selection on Amazon.




photocredit:Cool Stuff Selectables



Gift Idea #3

Need a small gift under $10 or $15 for an office gift exchange, hostess or teacher’s gift? Why not purchase a bag of freshly ground coffee? Sitting down to a good cup of coffee is one of life’s daily pleasures..who wouldn’t enjoy trying a new brand or maybe a limited edition, Christmas blend?


Put it in a cute little gift bag with tissue paper, and voila, you’re done!



Christmas gift Idea #2


This book is nail-biting,  “edge of your seat” reading right from Chapter One.. which opens up smack in the middle of a gruesome murder scene in NYC. Don’t be looking for actual Pilgrims or the Mayflower in this tale ..(hey, I was!)  .. this is a fast paced, suspenseful  account of international intrigue, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, assassinations, and espionage with enough modern-day facts woven in that the reader is left wondering ( and worrying!!) if this incredibly sick & twisted stuff is really happening in the world.

( And if it is, all I can say is no wonder there’s a Guantanamo! )


“I am Pilgrim” would be a FANTASTIC gift for anyone with a strong constitution who loves action packed thrillers.



“I Am Pilgrim is simply one of the best suspense novels I’ve read in a long time.” —David Baldacci, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Best book of the Summer!

Lilac book jacket


Boy, oh boy..have I got a wonderful summer read for you! Lilac Girls by Martha Kelly is a beautifully crafted tale of how World War II bends the arc of life for three young women in three different countries. Kelly’s writing style is effortlessly fluid;  pages float by like Autumn leaves down a babbling brook.

It is very hard to put this novel down.

Stories that blend fiction and fact, in this case the horrors of Hitler’s murderous reign, are especially meaningful and moving. One can’t help but come away from a book like this with a renewed appreciation for life and a sense of responsibility to ‘live it well’ in the name of every young soul who, for whatever reason, was denied the chance to fully bloom.