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Having a puppy in the house for the past 2 1/2 weeks has crystalized the importance of being intentional. Being in a state of elevated awareness (oh oh, it’s pretty quiet, oh, what’s that noise? close the door, lift that wire) has led me to become super intentional about what I’m doing so as to dramatically increase Daisy’s chances of success and decrease the possibility of accidents or problems. (close the closet door, pick up what I drop, put the shoes away, let her outside..)

I suddenly realized this morning that this elevated level of intentionality and focus  has migrated over my own life ever since I brought this little dog home. Vitamins, exercise, household chores, studying.. I can sense a directional, purposeful energy when I deal with the pup and that structure seems to be impacting how approach my daily goals and activities as well.

I’m thinking situationally, organizationally, strategically..


Hey–thumbs up for puppies..right? 👍




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