Simple things that work..

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.52.07 AM

By the time I get to 40, 41, 42, my inner thighs are on fire!

This simple “Pilates ring” is placed between your legs, right above your knees, and you squeeze it together as firmly as you can as many times as you can.  I was motivated to find a cheap piece of equipment to help me tone this perennial problem area and while I was searching the internet for the old “as seen on TV” thigh master, (Hey, I was desperate) I stumbled across these very popular exercise rings.

I do 50 reps at night while I’m brushing my teeth, sitting on the wooden bench at the foot of our bed.. and 50 or so more at any point during the day when I have a few minutes to spare.

Do I see a difference in the shape of my upper legs? Well, I think they are less wiggly, but it hasn’t been that long. Would my husband get anything out of this ring? Probably not unless they make a stronger version for men.

The ring is cheap, light, easy to store and if the burn is any indicator, it’s a simple thing that works.

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