Looks like this is really going to happen..

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.45.19 AM

My Amazon wish list was so extensive, I started referring to it as my “puppy registry”..HAHA! πŸ™„Β  Last week I finally felt comfortable enough to click the ‘order’ button, and the all the goodies have started popping up at my front door.Β  Yup, after an exhausting, year-long, search I am only one week away from picking up our furry, as of yet unnamed, new member of the family!

Searching for a dog has been one heck of a journey, full of unexpected difficulties and truly defeating moments, so I probably won’t believe it’s “for real” until this tiny fuzz-ball is safely ensconced in her brand-spanking new pet carrierΒ and we are finally on our way home.

Sure hope this little girl is ready for me because I’ve got a serious case of pent up coochie-coo-ing.

A heart-felt THANK-YOU to my friends and family who encouraged me over the past year:Β  My forbearing husband who keeps making my dreams come true, my kids who challenge me to rise above my fears, my sister whose love for her own dogs is inspiring and my friends who motivated me to keep at it and NOT LOSE HEART.. πŸ’œ..who would have thought this process was so CRAZY!!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 6.57.08 AM






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