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“Fulfillment-The achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.”





Can you sense the potential for misery baked into the definition of fulfillment above?

According to this interpretation, if I don’t achieve, if my desires aren’t met, if promises are broken, if predictions prove wrong..I cannot be fulfilled.

Sheesh.. what a recipe for a lifetime of misery!

But then again, what if…

What if fulfillment wasn’t tied to any of those things? What if being fulfilled was completely untethered to achievement, desires, promises or predictions?

Our Life-group at church is starting a new bible study next week and the book we were asked to order for the class just arrived from Amazon. I opened it up to the first chapter last night and there was the title in black and white:

Fulfillment in Jesus.

The thing that’s so cool about bumping into that phrase was that I was having “soul cramps” all day yesterday.  I was feeling droopy and poopy,  unappreciated and yes, unfulfilled.  That title was like a gentle nudge to get me back on track..a release from this sense that my fulfillment is contingent on how my life is “going” at any given moment in time.

You see, as a Christian, I am saved..not from the ups and downs of daily living, but from the idea that this is all there is..

Let’s face it, life is a bit like opening the fridge every day and trying to make a decent meal with whatever you find inside.  Sometimes the fridge is loaded with goodies but sometimes it’s just leftover chili, flat beer and three packs of duck sauce. Sometimes the power inexplicably goes out and everything you chose and carefully prepared goes bad. Sometimes (especially if you’re in college 😉) someone else takes what was meant to be yours.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean I’ll never deal with those issues, it simply means I don’t have to let what’s “in the world’s fridge” today dictate what’s available on my personal “menu.”  My fulfillment, my nourishment, my sustenance arrives from a totally different source..

heaven to table.







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