Love knots. 💜


Let’s be real, if we were trying to would probably take us six months to make a pair of hot pads.  With all due respect and admiration for church ladies who know how to sew, we don’ we tie knots..and we’re really good at it too!😉

Every six weeks or so, our “life group” sits down for a few hours and assembles a stack of the softest, warmest, cutest fleece baby blankets you have ever laid your eyes on. The adorable patterns and cheerful colors are always different and we “oooo and ahhh” with pride at every single snuggly creation when it’s done. The blankets are then delivered to a local organization that provides support to pregnant women in crisis situations.

This is how our small group of (not particularly crafty) women has chosen to reach out to those in need of love and warmth..and not surprisingly, we feel pretty loved and warm doing it.




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