Rainy week-end..Great movie.


This week-end was like a submarine ride with my husband.  Thanks to the rainy weather, we spent a lot of time together..

For starters, we went to see the movie “Darkest Hour.”  It was PHENOMENAL! This was an up close and personal peek into Winston Churchill’s life at the moment England was facing an existential threat from Hitler’s advancing military.

The mistake I continually make in life is that I imbue super human attributes to people who take on huge obstacles and accomplish phenomenal things..like Churchill.  Without spoiling the movie, let me just say that this man had some serious (almost Trump-like) flaws.  And yet there he was at “the darkest hour”- the future of an entire country on his shoulders; stubborn, brazen and likely just tipsy enough to believe that he and his countrymen could beat back the German invaders.

Deeply imperfect people are often uniquely well-suited to tackle life’s pivotal moments; this movie reminded me of that truth.

And speaking of deeply flawed.. what is the deal with all of this sister-wives stuff on TLC??  I think they now have three shows fully devoted to the polygamist lifestyle! My husband and I binge watched for a few hours as we tried to uncover everyone’s motivations. Do the older wives just want a steady stream of younger wives to do the housework? Do the men just want..well, what men obviously want? Do I think this should be illegal..as in should these people could go to jail? I actually don’t think so..

All I know for sure is I would never want to be part of a “team” of wives for one man- no way.  And after almost 35 years of marriage, and more than a few rainy week-ends, I can safely say ours will always be a two person submarine.













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