The Chilbury Ladies Choir- A review


This book, written by Jennifer Ryan, was truly a delight to read. The author tells a wonderful story of a group of women living in a small town in England during World War II.  The reader is drawn close to every character, even the unlovable ones, because the tale unfolds in a collection of the ladies’ deeply personal journal entries and letters to relatives and friends.

There is plenty of drama to go around not only because of the war, but because of the complex relationships these women have with each other, their families, lovers and townsfolk. While the ladies represent a broad spectrum of ages, personalities and backgrounds, Ryan unites the characters in their passion for singing and allows them to share in a hard earned, sacred maturing based in forgiveness, compassion and sheer determination.

A superb book club pick!



(One of the reasons I love downloading books onto my Mac is that I can highlight things and search them out on the web with a simple click. In this instance, I was able to link to the music the choir sang (like Mozart’s Lacrimosa) and have it playing as I read which added another special element to my enjoyment of this book.)



photocredit:Borough Press





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