Thursday’s random thoughts…

I have an idea for the city of Charlotte..and for other cities that struggle to feed the homeless.  I know a place where thousands of dollars worth of food is tossed into trash barrels every single day;

containers of milk,






you name it.

It’s an absolute travesty- and guess what? The government (that would be you, the tax-payer) is already footing the bill for most of this uneaten stuff that winds up in the garbage.

Want to know where all of this food is being dumped into the trash?


Our kids’ public schools.

I sat and watched the boy I mentor toss his entire tray of food (and unopened milk) into the trash last Monday.  The kid I tutored before him never even bothered to get his tray-ever.  Is it because the food is nasty? Is it because they don’t want a heavy meal sitting in their stomachs for the second half of the day? Are they worried about bad breath? Gas pains? Who knows?

So here’s an idea: Let’s simplify the lunch offerings..I’m talking a sandwich, an apple, a bag of carrot sticks..or maybe even, God forgive me, a chocolate chip cookie.

Everything should be individually pre-packaged and if the kid doesn’t want it, he puts it into special boxes for delivery to the homeless shelter after lunch.

The kids would be taught to give back to their community and food isn’t wasted..


Want to know why this will never happen?

The next time you go to your child’s cafeteria, check out how many people are employed behind those long counters creating all those complicated, hot meals that wind up in the dumpster. Like many things run by the state, the focus is on the process, not the actual product, and the larger and more complex the process is, the more money it receives from ..well, YOU -the hard-working tax payer.

It’s the ‘cafeteria-industrial-complex’ my friends.. and it isn’t about kids or nutrition or even food..

it’s about government..

and no common sense shall ever intrude on this massive operation.








photocredit:The State Journal


    • Thanks, but things will never change. I worked a booth once at my kids’ HS in PA when we lived there. We sold pencils, pennants and gum..stuff like that.. to raise money for the dances. Cafeteria cops tracked the goodies we sold, complained if they felt we were moving onto their turf. Bake sales were completely “against the law” that’s for sure- it was a real education for me-haha!

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      • Well, I know where I live it would come down to the funding used to buy food….all nyc kids get free breakfast, and a lot of them free lunch. If they started donating unused food it would be a nightmare. And our school doesn’t allow bake sales anymore…

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      • I saw pictures online of groups separating “loose” school food was gross. The only answer is food needs to be simplified and pre-packaged..and then it can be donated without contamination worries. It just shocks the senses to see food tossed away like this. The kids don’t want it..if it was packaged they could at least take it home if they wanted.. The food is too complicated..this Monday it was some brown stir fry stuff..everything was brown- into the trash it all went.

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