“What the ****?”

My husband and I had a great time downtown Charlotte last week-end. The weather was warmer-ish 😏 and entry to several museums was free.

My favorite exhibit was a collection of William Ivey Long’s costumes for various plays like Cinderella and Rocky Horror Picture Show. The guy is clearly a genius; it’s one thing to be an artist.. but this is wearable art, functional art, art that has to move and fit and breathe and represent a character and go to the dry cleaners and not fall apart!

The tour we took was fascinating and the displays were so impressive. I will forever more pay much closer attention to costuming when I attend the theater.


Anyway, after we had had our fill looking we decided to go get our fill eating. We wound up at a corner pub in a cozy booth near a large picture window.. which was awesome because I love to watch people.  Little did I know, it was listening to people (not watching them) that would demand my rapt attention.

In the booth next to us were two guys, probably in their early 30’s. Their conversation was a loud and shocking, F-bomb littered review of various girls they knew. The word “offended” is SO over-used, but I can think of no other way to describe how I felt listening to these two men objectify women and do it using such harsh and nasty language. Not one sentence was free from f’n this or f’n that…not one.

C’mon guys…really?

Now I’m not going to beat your noggins with a white rose or go all “time’s up” on you, but holy cow fellas- it IS TIME to step up your game.







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