Old photo albums-what to do with them?


I never really gave them much thought-our old albums.  They weren’t being looked at very often- but they weren’t technically “hurting anything” either.

Then this summer, while I was organizing the den, I sat down to assess our photo-situation. Everything about these albums is falling apart;  the covers are detaching, the pictures are yellowing, they are stuck to the pages, the plastic “cover” sheets are crumbling.  50% of the photos are not keepers; they are out of focus, unidentifiable, boring, repeats or have a thumb covering some part of them.  As if to drive home their decrepitness, a silverfish slithered out from between the pages and wiggled across the floor..


I considered having them professionally transferred somehow, but these old pictures are literally GLUED to the paper..so guess what, I started taking pictures of the pictures with my cell phone.




I am putting them all in “folders” on my i-phone and my husband will eventually download them to a DVD. (** see LA’s comment below about a better storage idea) Is this a perfect solution? maybe not..but it sure beats hanging on to these increasingly icky albums and it will free up some shelf space as well!



    • My sister said that too..I’m not super tech savvy..what are the other options? We put all of our old VHS movies on CDs a few years ago..I’m guessing transferring them to whatever wouldn’t be hard? But honestly, I don’t know! I have these pics “in the cloud”..but heck- I just don’t trust what I can’t feel in my hand- yes, I’m that old! 😏

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      • I’d start with one of those usb drives (I’m horrible with names but I know what I mean.). I have a seagate back up drive. M guess us those will be viable for awhile

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      • We have that seagate thingy too..but I’m not even kidding..it tells me I’m backed up and honestly, how do I really know?? I’ll talk to my husband about the USB..maybe he can transfer our movies too..Embarrassingly, I still have boxes of VHS Disney movies in a closet..I guess I just have to toss them..but ouch, that’s gonna hurt.

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