Random thoughts..where are all my bobby pins?

Just wondering..


Where do all my bobby pins go? I buy the 48-pack and slowly they start to disappear. I don’t throw them in the trash, my kids aren’t borrowing them (they don’t live here) they are not at the bottom of my purse…so what’s the story? And why do they come in packs of 48? What a weird number..I mean why not 50? This is like selling a carton of 11 eggs.


What’s the deal with everyone in government having affairs?  Last week it was Trump, this week it’s two high ranking members of the FBI.  Remember the secret service detail for Obama hanging out with prostitutes while on overseas assignments? There was David Patraeus, former head of the CIA, John Edwards, Clinton of course..the list goes on and on. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Are they bored? Are the men all popping Viagra? Is this behavior expected when you work for the government..kinda like some companies expect you to donate to United Way?


Why are otherwise healthy people dropping dead from the flu?  This is starting to freak me out.  The one common denominator (usually) seems to be lack of a flu shot..but this year’s shot wasn’t even a good match according to the experts.  Still, if you haven’t gotten it yet- don’t delay- because this is some scary stuff. And if you do come down with the symptoms above, get to your doctor right away!

So yeah, I’m just wondering…




photocredit:Google Play,Caribbean National Weekly

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