Famous last words..

So remember my famous last words yesterday about never wanting or needing to buy new snow boots to replace my rarely used, peeling, but still completely functional, old ones?


So yeah, look closely..this little disaster struck about 3/4 mile away from my house as I was walking through our increasingly sloshy, winter wonderland. I suddenly realized that my right boot felt an awful lot like a flip-flop and looked down just as the last little bit of glue gave way and the entire bottom detached! I literally had to hobble along, rubber heel in hand, my foot getting wetter and colder and more numb by the minute.  About 1/2 mile later, the left boot started flip-floppin’ as well..luckily I made it back home with that side mostly intact.

Of course my frugal husband volunteered to glue the parts back together..

“Honey,” I growled, “these boots have leprosy..I’m getting new ones (darn) it!”

Funny how things change overnight.




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