Carolina-snow-day πŸ˜ƒ


It hardly ever snows here…so when this is what it looks like outside your window, you have two options:

suit up or snuggle up.

I decided to suit up, head out, walk to the mall and see what everyone else was up to.

Clearly, most people chose to snuggle up.

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The mall was a ghost town as most stores were shuttered..although the aggressive people who attack you with face cream samples were sure there! No luck trying to avoid eye contact with them since I was the only person walking down that long, long hall…πŸ™„

Gotta give Paneras a shout out as they were one of the few eateries that were open.  (Whole Foods was even closed..whaat?)  The soup was meh..but oh, it was piping hot. ☺️


Can’t believe my ancient boots kept my feet nice and warm.Β  Look at those things! They’re as cracked as my winter lips!


I’d never buy new boots though because after all,

it hardly ever snows here…

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