✴️ ✴️ ✴️ ✴️ ✴️ – FIVE STARS!


I don’t know if it’s just my age, or the fact that our heater is running 24/7, but lately my hair has gotten so dry I could barely style it! I bought a tremendously overpriced leave in conditioner, but all that did was weigh my clean hair down and make it feel “day two.” I got so desperate, I started applying small amounts of hand cream to the crispy tips on the bottom.

Then, last week, as my daughter and I walked through Walmart, a row of Palmer’s products caught my eye.  I didn’t realize they made a shampoo, and the label looked intriguing so I tossed a bottle in the cart. I’ve tried olive oil hair products in the past with miserable results so I was ecstatic about how my hair responded to the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula shampoo after I tried it.

This shampoo leaves my dry hair NOURISHED..that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s healthy, feels thick and “held together” (the opposite of fly-away) without feeling oily, over conditioned or heavy in any way. I don’t know if Palmers makes a conditioner to go with this shampoo, but you can be sure I’ll look for it next time. For now I’m finishing off my old conditioner and enjoying my revitalized tresses.

👩🏼Five stars for sure!







    • I color my hair as well..so that on top of the heat being on so much it has been just the worst. For whatever reason, this shampoo has been a gold formula for me..I’m so happy with it..and it’s cheap! 😃


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