The high road is calling!

I read two disturbing articles this morning:

One was about the Missouri governor having an affair and supposedly blackmailing his mistress into silence and the other was about Robert De Niro choosing an awards event to unleash an expletive laced tirade against Trump.

Yuck, yuck, yuck..what’s the matter with people?

No class, no self awareness, no’s like everyone’s gone “off-road” and mud is just flying all over the place..sheesh!!

What a great time to abandon this messy, nasty free-for-all.

What a great time to stand out by being the person who doesn’t curse to make a point, is accountable, faithful, respectful and self-controlled.

What a GREAT time to change course..

to fess up

clean up

tone up..

to man (and woman) up

to be different

to be unique

to take the high road

and make decency cool again.



photocredit:LITTLE LESSY





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