Poochie in the pew


This was the scene last Christmas Eve as we approached the front door of our church.  As you can see, the woman in front of us had her tiny dog dolled up in a red, holiday dress. The two of them took their seats in a pew half way to the altar and not a peep came from the adorable pup the entire hour.

I’d like to say the kids were as well behaved.

So why do I have a ‘problem’ with a sweet old lady bringing her poodle to church?

I love animals.. so that’s not the issue, but are we really at a point where we’re OK bringing Rover into the sanctuary on Sunday?  And if you allow one little old lady to bring her dog, can another little old lady bring two? Does size matter? What about breed..

And what about cats?





    • My daughter (who loves dogs) recently flew from Portland to Boston and there were two very large dogs on the plane-one in front of her and one behind. She herself thought that this was a lot, esp. for such a long flight. She wondered if there was a cap on how many were allowed at one time.. and also wondered about people with allergies. I guess it really comes down to scale for me..how big and how many? Maybe there needs to be a pet-friendly church service..kinda like the kids’ service?

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