• Hey Nancy- Happy New Year! I took all my stuff down right away cause I get so melancholy..BUT…. I like other people’s lights to stay up..just not mine. If I ever go to a shrink for a baseline type visit before old age really sets in, I’ll have to add that to my list of things to discuss…that, and my conflicted feelings about an old lady who brought a small poodle into church Christmas Eve-in a red dress. (The dog was in the dress, not the woman.) Still not sure how I feel about that…🤔

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      • This is such an interesting phenomenon..the whole dressing your pet thing..sometimes it bugs me because it feels over-the-top in a western kinda way..like there are people in the world whose kids have no clothes to wear..but then I think who cares?..if people like doing that, so what-it’s harmless and cute (poor fashion choices aside 😏). The other issue is that dogs can obviously go anywhere now with their humans..that’s the first time I’ve seen a dog in church though..and to be honest, that dog didn’t make a peep, some of the kids on the other hand were totally, totally out of control! HAHA- so I literally am not sure how I feel about it all..it’s just “a thing” these days…and it’s a big thing.

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