A look back as I look forward..Happy New Year, 2018,17,16,15..

One of the cool things about blogging is you can easily look back over the years and see what you’ve written. I felt especially drawn to do this today, on new years eve. So after picking up 15 bags of mulch at Home Depot this morning (followed of course by a swing through the Dunkin’ drive-thru for coffee), I sat down to do just that.

My thoughts about the new year as some sort of pivotal, annual moment haven’t changed..I’m just not that into it. I do, however, enjoy taking time to reflect and also imagine forward. Here are a few of the positive changes from last year:

#1-My husband and I seriously dedicated ourselves to organizing our home. This has been a huge, long term project and I am so, so proud of our efforts. The premise is clear, I don’t want to own stuff that doesn’t serve our family. The minute we start keeping stuff we don’t need, we become servants to our stuff. We try to find new ways to store it, hide it, minimize it, justify it.. it doesn’t matter what it is; clothes, kitchen gadgets, artwork, cookbooks, our kids’ stuff…we become slaves to our belongings.  There’s still more to sift through, but the results after one year of tough decisions and hard work have been nothing short of LIB-ER-ATING!!

#2-My “new” teeth.  This is going to sound hokey, but my smile has made me so happy! I went through Invisalign treatment this past year and my choppers are completely straight. It was a royal pain in the ass and ridiculously expensive too..but wow, am I glad I did it! I will no doubt develop more wrinkles on my cheeks because if I’m awake, I’m smiling..BIG..and no lie, people are nicer to me and I’m probably nicer to them! 🤔

#3-My total extrication from television news. I am no longer subjecting myself to the utter provocation that is dished out daily.  I refuse to be prodded, poked and herded like a cow.  This one move has radically transformed my daily stress level.

#4-Our church! Holy cow, our church is A-LIVE!!!  I have never felt as spiritually fed, challenged and connected as I do now. Oh, how I wish my kids could belong to a vibrant, loving and relevant community such as this.

My hopes going forward into 2018? I want a dog..really bad. I actually wrote about that a year or two ago on this blog. I want a good and sweet dog that I can train and take to hospitals or nursing homes. This is my major goal for 2018..and to eat better and work out of course–haha. 🙄


(Below are my new year’s posts for 2015,’16 and ’17.)

Little Red Corvette?-2017


All of the stars were lined up for the purchase..most especially the “North star” which was my husband turning 50… Yup, it was time to buy a convertible.  The more we looked, the more excited we became until we finally settled on a silver and black, used BMW-Z4-3.0 Si.  Now let me just say, we are the most boring, conservative, no frills, no nonsense couple you will ever find, so the idea of getting a sports car was truly outside of our normal thinking pattern. Hey, sometimes you just gotta go for it..right?

Fast forward two years and I’m standing in a rainstorm in a parking lot watching my husband’s friend count $17,000 in cash handed over by a sketchy looking dude from Miami who met us there to finally take that little dream-mobile off our hands. (My hubby was out of town for that creepy transaction… of course!)

Which brings me to the moral of the story: Buying that little car was like buying a pair of jeans that are way too tight because you are convinced you’ll lose 25 pounds. We bought the Z4 assuming our lifestyle would change to fit it- but it didn’t. My husband is the kind of guy who will stop and grab groceries or a pizza or a fifty pack of Costco paper towels on the way home, but with this car- he couldn’t. He likes to keep his tennis gear, work folders, golf bag, hard hat and huge gym duffel with him, but with this car he couldn’t. I could go on, but you get the idea.  There was nothing at all wrong with the car- it just wasn’t for him- or for us.  It didn’t fit our reality.

       How many people woke up January 1st with an awesome list of New Year’s resolutions that don’t fit their reality?

Year after year so many of us have the tendency to imagine ourselves conforming (transforming) into a set of lifestyle goals that simply do not match who we know we are.  The consequences are always the same- frustration that ultimately leads to some version of a “dark, rainy parking lot”.. usually in front of an all you can eat buffet.

My goal this year is to drive the “car” I already have to the best of its ability.  You see the truth is, I know I can do better with this vehicle. I can take better care of it so it lasts longer. I can watch what grade of fuel I put into it. I can stop doing things that wear it out like slamming on the brakes when I overreact to stuff that comes at me or taking life’s twists and turns too aggressively. I can polish it up a bit, clean all the crap out of the back seat, make room for new friends and go places I haven’t been..yes, the car I have right now can do all this and more!

I don’t need to imagine myself in a new, snazzy set of wheels; the ones I have now are perfectly fine. I don’t want to have to break in, or be broken by, something strange and new and possibly ill-fitting like our Z4.

Hey-I’m simply not a little red Corvette ..and at this point I never will be. I’m probably more like an SUV of some kind (with heated seats for my sciatica.)   Got a few miles on my engine no doubt, but all in all I’m in good shape.

My New Year’s resolution? Love, drive, be grateful for and take better care of what I’ve got right here- right now-right in my “driveway.”

Vroom-Vroom y’all .. and Happy New Year!!

Fresh Starts-2016

We’ve never made a big deal out of celebrating the New Year..eve or day..but that doesn’t mean I’m not super glad for it; especially coming right on the heels of Christmas.

Christmas is marinated in memories and traditions designed to keep us connected to the past, and a lot of the celebratory aspects involve hunkering down at home and eating of course!

New Years, on the other hand, is all about the future and fresh starts.. looking ahead, setting goals, busting out of old patterns and making personal improvements..you know, like NOT eating so much!

And while I don’t make a long list of burdensome or unattainable resolutions,  I do like to take a few moments to consider the promise, privilege and potential of the blank canvas that is the year ahead.


3-2-1…Grab your paintbrush! 🎉



Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. -Romans 12:2


Transformation begins when the mind is renewed.  But as anyone with a head full of worn out thoughts or a closet full of old clothes knows, you first need to make room.

STEP ONE is to let go of broken thinking, disproven beliefs and failed habits that clog your mind with options that no longer make sense or “fit.”

STEP TWO is to take a moment to appreciate a clean slate, the airiness of space, that breathing room between yesteryear’s reality and tomorrow’s fresh potential. Relish this moment of possibility, ponder the opportunities, enjoy it, don’t rush!

STEP THREE is to remeasure yourself.. get an accurate outline of the shape of your priorities right at this moment. Then begin rebuilding, renewing, recreating…Be thoughtful, pray, take it step by step and let the transformation begin!


    • Happy New Year! It must be absolutely FREEZING where you are. I had a good laugh this morning at Home Depot.. we Floridians are weather wimps..it’s true..everyone whining and layered up like astronauts..🙄🌴..too funny.


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