“I love your pink nails..”


That’s all it took.

My mom and I were checking out of SAM’S CLUB a few days ago and the woman at the register was..well, let’s just say “shields up.” She had a scowl on her face, was barking out commands, “keep the hams in the cart!- leave the toilet paper there!-where’s your card?” and was huffing and puffing like an old locomotive because I guess we were moving too slow for her liking. (I have mentioned my mom is 86..right?)

Ironically, she had the brightest, happiest, neon pink painted nails.

They were adorable, and I told her so as I mustered up the courage to reach through her invisible fence and hand her the membership card.

“I love your pink nails..”

5 little words that changed her stance, her face, her words..suddenly she was smiling and chatting…asking to see MY nails and complimenting the little snowflake my tech applied last week.

She even wished us a Merry Christmas as we rolled our cart away.

Love changes everything.. 





photocredit:Christmas – lizardmedia.co







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