There are steak mummies in my fridge! 😳


We went to our favorite restaurant a few days ago and my husband had a filet; it was perfectly seasoned and perfectly prepared.  He quizzed the waiter about their technique and the guy went on and on about “dry aging.”

So in walks my hubby from work last night having made a little detour to buy bourbon and beef.

This morning I shuffle into the kitchen, pour my coffee, open the fridge to get the half and half and there they are- lying in state- two strip steaks wrapped in cheese cloth as if they are awaiting burial in a pyramid.

The scariest thing about this dry-aging process?..he wants to serve these on Sunday.

It’s Thursday.

My husband swears up and down the butcher said you’re supposed to let the meat sit for days..but I’m no fool, I watch Forensic Files. I just don’t want to end up tightly wrapped, laying on an XL cookie sheet for humans in some fridge waiting for MY pyramid because I got Staphylococcus aureus or some other deadly nasty. 🤔

Stay tuned, I may be sharing a recipe next week..or not.


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