Fighting ‘Gravity’


The good news is, “my kid” is still enrolled at the Title 1 school where I tutor him.  He was absent the week before and it seemed no one knew for sure if his family had moved as he said they might. I collected him in the hallway and we went to the library to catch up on the past two weeks.  He told me he was just coming off of a three day suspension for fighting.

I have no illusions that spending an hour with me once a week will change this kid’s trajectory, but his willingness to open up and look me in the eye gives me hope. We didn’t do a ton of reading yesterday, instead we talked about life and family and what it takes to be successful.

I don’t want him to succumb to the gravitational pull of the vices that surround him..

and oh my gosh, there are so many.




photocredit:Studies of Stories


      • I used to read with little kids and that was a whole different ball game. When they told me I was going to the middle school, I got a bit of a stomach twinge..while I like dealing with individual kids this age, seeing them all together is intimidating (they are HUGE)..I also see things I wish I could sagging pants..are you kidding me? Here you have a school half full of failing students and you let them dress in a way that promotes disrespect. I heard that one kid was suspended the other day for telling his teacher to “F” off, well guess what, dressing like a thug with your underpants showing is a non-verbal “F” off as far as I’m concerned.


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