Just one of those days…

So yesterday started off with a jolt. I had an interesting study done to test the status of my nerves. The doctor sent “zaps” up and down my arm with a probe and then with needles. The probe part wasn’t terrible, the charged needles…eh, not fun. The good news is, the study didn’t reveal any major problems.  It doesn’t solve my problem either- but I’ll take it.

Funny t-shirt at Ortho office..haha

From there I went to the middle school. I checked in and made my way to the cafeteria to wait for “my boy;” the kid I’m tutoring.  He never showed, which means his mom probably pulled him out of school as he warned me might happen.

Feeling pretty defeated, I checked out at the office, walked to the parking lot and sat in my car for a few minutes. I pulled up “Petfinder” to take my daily scroll through their list of adoptable dogs. A new little guy appeared on page two; a Maltese available in South Carolina at a shelter.  I plugged in the address and took off  down the highway, arriving exactly one minute after they opened their doors for business.  There were 9 people in the “lobby.”

Two women, with their children, had obviously arrived at the same time for the Maltese. What happened next was this super uncomfortable conversation about who had first”dibs” on the dog. It went back and forth in a firm but  pleasant-ish way, each mom trying to be polite but clearly advocating on behalf of their anxious kids. Finally one mother played the winning card when she stated that their family dog had just died. The other lady knew the gig was up; her son looked devastated.  I turned around and headed back to Charlotte to pick up a few necessities at the grocery store; necessities which now included chocolate of course.

Once I got home I poured my energy into creating a lovely dinner for my husband complete with turn-overs using the fresh apples we had picked last week-end. I timed everything to be ready, warm and crispy for when he arrived…not knowing he’d have a fender bender on the way home that delayed him by almost 2 hours.

FullSizeRender 39

Poor guy was hungry and tired when he finally arrived.  All he wanted to do was sit down, eat and watch game 7 of the World Series..which he couldn’t as our internet streaming service was down.

Just one of those days..

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