House of Cards


I’m angry and sad.  Yesterday the 13 year boy old I’m tutoring at a local middle school told me he thinks his family may be moving.. again.. as in next week.  Yes, this is the same boy whose family just moved from West Virginia to North Carolina this summer.

I was so shocked I wanted to call his mom on the spot and ask her if she knew how disruptive another move would be for this kid.  He’s already behind,  that’s why I’m working with him!!!  Can you imagine moving to another school after only spending two months in your previous, new school? He told me he loves this school, that it’s much better than the last one.

We are connecting, this fellow and me..

We are making our way through the book, “The Boys who challenged Hitler,” a true and exciting story about a group of Danish teens who peddled around on their bikes cutting phone wires, stealing weapons, dismantling road signs and creating other mischief to torment the Nazis who had occupied their country.

He said he loves the book.

We study maps of Europe, look at pictures of aircraft and tanks and uniforms and other things guys are interested in..More importantly, we’ve been talking about cooking (he wants to be a chef) and the world.. and life.. and this kid was starting to open up.

I asked him if he was 100% sure about this move; he told me that his mom “says things” and sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t. I told him I would really miss him if he left. I told him to tell his mom how much he wants to stay..

As I drove home I couldn’t help but feel so pissed off at his mother and her boyfriend and you know what, that might not be fair.  Who knows what issues are plaguing this family? But it hit me again that the most important thing a parent (or parents) can provide their children is stability; a solid foundation upon which their kids can confidently plant their feet and keep their balance while they grow and learn and explore and build their lives…and yes, sometimes this means making sacrifices, like waiting until the end of the school year (or at least Christmas break) to move.




photocredit:Jay Beattey’s No More Wall Street






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