Strapped in, wrapped up, inflated & ready to go!


The doc put down his pen, looked up at me and asked “why now?” in why was I finally willing to undergo more testing in my quest for relief from my sciatica and other issues that have plagued me for years.  I chuckled and replied that “thanks” to our daughter having her tonsils removed this summer, we had met our deductible for the first time EVER, transitioning us into the land of 80-20 remember that happy place we took for granted back in the day when health insurance actually paid for the bulk of your medical expenses?

Anyway, so I’ve had an MRI and I’m lined up for a few more tests and visits before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st. I am on a mission to better manage my aches n’ pains..preferably not with meds and definitely without I was happy when the first guy I saw gave me a new brace for my elbow and recommended this inflatable neck support to help take the pressure off my cervical spine.

So here I sit this morning..perched on a special, contoured ‘save my ass’ pillow with a “DON’T TOUCH ME!” stabilizer/car bumper on my arm, a Home Depot style back support strap around my waist and an inflated, XL swim floatie looking thing stretching out my neck..

..definitely more Michelin man than mermaid today. 😉







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