Charlotte’s first “snow..”


I finally cleaned out my fridge yesterday; it was embarrassingly overdue. We have a newer one we purchased when we moved into our town home two years ago and it has lots of nooks and crannies for storage; lots n’ lots n’ lots.  Some of the spaces are just silly eye candy. Two of the cubbies are so shallow you couldn’t fit a pound of sliced ham in either of them..probably 1/2 pound max with a few pieces eaten off the top. We actually removed one of the useless shelves in the freezer, it literally had height space for one pizza-  not in a box.

Funny how all of the drawers n’ things seemed like such a cool idea when we were looking at the fridge at Home Depot. It’s like falling in love with that awesome SUV with a thousand compartments that your kids will eventually stash wads of gum in.

Anyway, I was pretty much done cleaning the aforementioned fridge when disaster struck. I cannot even explain how this happened..all I did was pick up a container of goat cheese crumbles to look for the expiration date.  Somehow the sucker not only slipped from my hands, but in a herculean effort to re-grab it, I basically whacked it back into the fridge with enough force that the lid flew off when it hit the corner of the shelf.

The resulting mess was the food equivalent of a smashed light bulb..the cheese crumbles flew everywhere: the floor, the doors, the stupid, good for nothing cubbies, the nicely wiped looked like an early snow had fallen both in and outside the fridge.

I briefly considered cracking open a beer and just sitting on the floor taking in the unbelievable scene, but there was no time for a ‘time-out’ as cheese, like snow, tends to get messy when exposed to warmth. I considered vacuuming it up, but yeah…as in no.   So I swiftly and lightly took paper towels and “fluffed” the million pieces of cheese bits and cheese dust into my hand from each nook and cranny, crack and shelf and the drawer handles below and then finally from the floor which then needed to be mopped.

I still cannot for the life of me explain how this freak incident occurred. And oh yeah, the cheese was past it’s expiration date..found that info on the lid that had somehow slid halfway under the dishwasher.









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