Outraged by the behavior of our politicians? Hey, “This Is Us”


We dropped our cable a few months ago and haven’t regretted it one bit, probably because my husband took my son’s advice and bought an APPLE TV.  This is a little box the size of a pack of cards that provides the viewer access to a long list of TV shows, movies, news and sports channels.  It’s been fantastic, convenient and the best part is; the little box costs the equivalent of about a month of cable with no recurring fees.

One of the shows I have come to enjoy is an extremely well written series about a family called “This is Us.”  The story begins with the birth of triplets and bounces back and forth in time allowing the viewer to get the parents’ perspective and the kids’ as well as they age. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a worthwhile, beautifully crafted tale.

I couldn’t help but consider the show and its title as I read about the latest drama erupting over our President and his harsh choice of words. As expected, liberals try to smear conservatives with Trump’s excesses while conservatives try to shield their ideals from his outrageous behavior.

As I scrolled through the acidic, hateful and disgusting comments following the story about how acidic, hateful and disgusting Donald Trump is, it struck me that both sides of the political spectrum-all of us-may in fact have the exact leadership we deserve. Sadly, our President may be the perfect reflection of our culture’s pervasive intolerance, our vulgarity, our entitlement, our impatience, our self righteousness, our sense of moral superiority and our temperament..

Folks, I’m afraid “this is us.”





photocredit:Us Weekly,The Week




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