“Death Cleaning” ☠️


There are 101 ways to motivate yourself to organize your home, but I’ll admit I have never heard of this one. Margareta Magnusson has just come out with a book called “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.” The idea is that you should evaluate all of your belongings through the eyes of some poor relative who would have to dispose of your stuff should you croak.

In other words, the operative questions when sorting through your belongings are not “Do I still like that painting?  Will I ever use that Bundt pan?” or “when is the last time I wore these shoes?”..no, the question is “would Aunt Frieda resent having to dust, organize, pack up and sell my awesome collection of coffee mugs?”

So yeah, this entire thought process is a bit strange. I mean if you’re that worried about your relatives having to rummage through your overflowing closets on the back end, how soon before you give them access to, and veto-power over, your shopping on the front end?

And forget the messy make-up drawer or the bin full of purses..

how does Frieda feel about Frisky?












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