Chef meets Baker.


Yesterday was ‘Day One’ of the reading mentorship program.  I’ll admit, I was nervous I’d get stuck with some taller than me, “bad ass” 7th grade boy with a lousy attitude.

Well, my guy is as tall as me alright, but he’s much more rudderless than rude.

This fella is the youngest of eight kids from a blended family living in an efficiency in town. He’s got piercing blue eyes, a baby face and about fifty extra pounds he shouldn’t be lugging around. He has no favorite subject, no favorite TV show and doesn’t follow or play any sport.  He wants to work in a fancy restaurant when he grows up but never cooks and doesn’t really have a favorite food.

This boy is like a ball of dough that’s still fresh enough to shape and mold.

Lucky for this wanna be chef, I’m a wanna be baker. 😉







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