Check mate.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

– John 8:7


Cam Newton stepped into his own ink before it even had a chance to dry.  Fresh off the  Carolina Quarterback’s comments to the press in support of the NFL anthem protests, he verbally mocked a female sports reporter for well… being a female sports reporter.

But hold on..the story doesn’t end there.

The offended female reporter immediately seized the opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of Cam being tone deaf to his own sexism while simultaneously decrying racism.

And no, it didn’t end there either.

Within hours, someone had taken a deep dive into the sports reporter’s social media history and BAM!! ..there for the whole world to see were five year old comments about race; including her flippant use of the “N” word.

Newton issued a video apology yesterday in the wake of sponsors pulling their support.

The female reporter issued her own written mea culpa as well.

And so this is where we are today, caught up in yet another exhausting game of moral strip poker; a self righteous quest to occupy the “high ground” that ultimately leaves everyone fully exposed.








  1. Thank you Cindy, for pointing out the hypocrisy of everyone who gets involved in these tit for tat silly arguments. Every time we point the finger at someone rather than some thing, we leave ourselves open to this kind of examination. If we are truly trying to do and live better, we should welcome criticism and not jump to defend ourselves, but openly and honestly examine ourselves to see if there is any truth in the claim.
    Keep writing, you have a voice that needs to be heard!

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