Can you feel it?

..that anticipation as the press scrambles to discover the identity of the Las Vegas shooter and reveal his motivation?  Is he a conservative,  a liberal, a  religious zealot?  I’m sure twitter is already on fire, every “side” primed to pounce and beat each other over the head with their ready-made arguments and personal insults.

All I know is that there are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, husbands, wives and friends out there this morning anxiously waiting to get phone calls from their loved ones letting them know that they are OK..and for too many, those calls will never come.

This country doesn’t need more anger and division, we are in serious need of more patience, respect, healing and love. Remember that as you head out this morning.  Don’t fall into the trap of “us” and “them.”  We are all in this together. In the name of those whose names we don’t know- those who had their lives stolen from them last the light and warmth, friendship and love so many are desperately searching for..especially today.






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