Smack-down at the dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday for my 6 month check-up and the super-sweet hygienist who normally cleans my teeth wasn’t there.

I hate when that happens-ugh.

Anyway, this new girl was so thorough, the cleaning took so long and she had so much to say  about my ‘choppers’ and everything I was doing wrong..that I wondered if the old girl had been doing her job “right.”


Anyway, for your edification & is what she told me:

I ABSOLUTELY should NOT be using my hard toothbrush. Yes, I already knew that, but my old girl was less worked up about the fact that I did. This new chick described the oral armageddon I was facing SOON if I didn’t stop immediately.  I’ll spare you the graphic details, but suffice it to say,  all my teeth would surely end up in a cup.

I am using the wrong floss.The irony here is my dentists have always complimented me on my teeth with exclamations like “wow- you’re a good flosser!” The dirty little secret was I NEVER flossed until about a year ago and I use those little floss stick things you get in a pack. Well NO WAY JOSÉ this tooth teacher need to use the string that spools out of the little plastic box, AND you need to go in at an angle to get under the gum where it meets each tooth- FIVE TIMES on each side of each tooth!! Well, I don’t know how many teeth you have, but I have a cup full (😉) and I don’t have ten hours to floss…so hey, I’m sticking with my floss on a stick.

I shouldn’t use my Water Pik on full blast.So my question is this: why does the dial on that thing go to ten if you’re not supposed to use it? I thought the whole point of a Water Pik was to spray crumbs and stuff out from between your teeth! It’s a car wash for your mouth..right?


My apocalyptic advisor let me know that the force of the water could actually drive particles into my gums leading to horrifying consequences.  She described it with a name that made me almost pass out..pretty sure the word abscess was in there some where…and yes, if that happened, my teeth would no doubt eventually end up in a cup.

I left the office with my goody-bag of new equipment (soft toothbrush & floss), my marching orders and a slap on the wrist.

Totally lost in all of that was the good news that I had

no cavities.




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