Peace be with you.

I had such a peaceful week-end.

Our neighbors got together for ‘Friday wine’ and we talked and laughed sitting in our lawn chairs until it got so dark we couldn’t see each other anymore.

My sister and I went to a craft show in the park on Saturday morning and were able to revel in local art, food and music. I sniffed so many scented soaps I almost passed out before I could pick out the ones I wanted. I bought three intriguing flavored honeys: cinnamon, bourbon and salted. My sister carried her tiny Chihuahua in a special mesh “pack” strapped to her chest so the pup could safely enjoy all the busy goings on.


It’s always remarkable to me how the sheer presence of a dog draws out the best in human beings.  All morning long, people…strangers…would approach with big smiles, utterances of approval and joy- glad to simply have had the opportunity to see this sweet, five pound bundle.

Sunday morning’s walk to and from church was in itself a blessing. The birds were singing and the sky appeared as Wedgwood china; white clouds strewn across a dainty blue backdrop.   I spent the afternoon swinging under my favorite tree enjoying another great book.

When I finally came inside I went on Twitter and was shocked (well, not really) to see the entire country (it seemed) embroiled in another furious battle over the flag.

No, not the confederate one, it’s Old Glory herself..again.

Maybe it’s just me..

Maybe I’m still exhausted from all the hoopla over Hurricane Irma.  Maybe I’m still so full of gratitude that our daughter was safe and that our family was safe and that damage was as limited as it was.  Maybe I’m also still filled with pity for the areas that didn’t escape it’s wrath, or Maria’s or Harvey’s..or those poor souls traumatized by the Mexico City quake. Maybe I’m still thankful that my mammogram was clean.

I don’t rightly know what it is, but I don’t want any part of this seemingly endless, destructive, divisive drama. I think all parties involved should just go ahead and strap a small, cute dog onto themselves and see what happens…

I just want peace.

I had it this week-end,

and it was awesome.

I want peace for you too.




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