Road-Trip-Report (exercises for sciatica)

I’m half way to my destination and so far, (knock on dashboard) I’ve been able to keep my usual aches and pains in check.

What’s helping?

My physical therapist gave me 2 simple exercises to realign my spine. The pain in my arm is completely gone; sciatica issues are much improved.  I also have a new support system I created for my lower back ( a swim noodle and a lumbar pillow) that helps me maintain a healthy posture profile when I drive.  This time I also brought a small cooler with a few cold gel packs and these feel remarkably wonderful after about 6 hours in the car.

A super-fit fellow at the gym also recommended videos by Dr. Goodman (see below) and said his stretch routines helped him “cure” his sciatica and strengthen his spine. It’s ten minutes, once a day..

I figured I had ten minutes and who knows, maybe these are helping too..

So yeah, so far so good..👍


PS- I tuned into cable TV news at the hotel this morning to see if I’d missed anything. (We cut the cable at our home.)  The answer is nope, not one thing.  The powers that be at these major networks are a like a record with a deep scratch and their needle is clearly stuck way, way down in the grove.

Oh, how will I spend the money I’m not sending to them anymore- let me count the ways… HAHA!!! 😀




  1. Cindy,
    I’m so glad your back is holding out. I hope it continues!
    We are considering cutting our satellite, trying to find a way to afford to live since we’re back to one income and hubby would like to retire before he dies. Good to know you’re not missing it.
    Sorry, I’ve not been in touch lately, it seems life just gets overwhelming and I’m struggling to keep my head above water as you have said.

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    • Good morning! It’s great to hear from you. I’m on the final leg of a tour visiting almost all of my kids. I’m back down in Florida now at my daughter’s place on the west coast about to head back to ours on the east- it’s good to be back in FL..and it’s HOT! Spine and rear-end did surprisingly well on this monster road leg (St. Louis to Marietta) was 11 hours long as I was stuck in the traffic jam from hell in the mountains of Tennessee. I figured I’d be absolutely bent outta shape after that..but the aches really did go away almost as soon as I got out of the were invaluable. About the TV..even my daughter here doesn’t have cable anymore..not gonna lie, it’s an adjustment and I miss the background noise- probably more than any one show. But I am reading a lot more, so that’s good. (NO CHOICE!!-HA) Our bill was $170 a month- ridiculous. Not sure what we will do football season though-that could be a toughie. 😟 Hope you are enjoying your summer so far- cindy


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