Well, we did it- We cut the cable.


This isn’t going to be easy.

I mean seriously, we have a TV on the wall in our master bathroom so I have been able watch my favorite shows while I soak in the tub…

but no more.

My husband and I had finally had enough. It’s mostly all garbage on cable anyway and our bill was about $170 a month with NO option to choose a smaller “package” of TV channels or reduce the cost in any way. I called Spectrum to threaten we would leave after I saw that new customers can enjoy the same, exact services we have for $29.99 a month for a year. Yup.. phone, cable TV and internet from Spectrum for $29.99.. but not if you’re a present day customer with a good track record of paying on time..nope, only if you’re a newbie.  I sat on the phone with customer service for over 40 minutes trying to make my case. I get that we don’t qualify for the promotion, but how about a discount? The supervisor’s final offer was to shave five dollars off our monthly bill.

Five bucks.

And so we bought all the stuff we needed to go out on our own with the phone and yes, we have a digital antennae for the TV now perched up in our attic.

My husband called Spectrum and told them we were breaking up,

no doubt a deeply satisfying phone call.

Now we get about 15 channels..

(not all of them english speaking, not all of them not selling stuff.)

Went to bed real early last night…

there was quite literally nothing on TV..

as in, the screen was black.

My husband said he’ll go up in the attic tonight to relocate the antennae.

so yeah..

this isn’t going to be easy..







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