Keep calm and have faith!!

The one story in the bible that annoys me to no end is about the Israelites heading to the promised land. One minute they are gratefully recognizing Your loving, guiding hand, the next minute they are ripping their hair out and complaining. Granted, I’m sure life was tough in the hot, dry desert, but You took care of all their needs..literally dropping manna from heaven.

And yet they continued to fuss and freak out.

I don’t want to be like that.

But as You well know, I’m a whiner just like they were.. (and heck, I’m sitting here in air conditioning!)

I’m sorry (and embarrassed) when my lack of faith causes me to crumble. I have an entire journal dedicated to nothing but answered prayers..big ones and small ones…and yet I can still behave like I’m all alone and lost in this life.

Help me to be patient, help my unbelief. I know You are looking out for me.

The answer may not come when I want it, and it might not even be the one I was hoping for..but Lord, I know You are guiding me down the path that You chose..and I wouldn’t want to be on any other road.



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