Hey, this IS actually “fun!”

Bill is there, every morning.

When he sees me, he usually lifts his arms straight into the air with a hoot and a smile and congratulates me as if I just crossed over the finish line of a major marathon..

And actually, I’m just walking in the door at that moment.. the door of our local YMCA.

Bill is one of the reasons I keep coming back.  The other “reasons” are also people, people who tend to go regularly at the same time I do.  I like to see these familiar faces, many of them my age or older:

There’s the woman with the wild headbands and dark shades who rides the bike, the old guy who finishes his work-out with a shadow boxing routine, the husband and wife who struggle through their paces with a personal trainer, the girl with the long hair who walks backwards on the treadmill..

These people inspire me. Their consistency and dedication infuse me with energy and solidify my own will.

And then there’s Bill.

If you were looking for a guy be the face of your “Y” he’d be the one you’d pick. His broad and authentic smile is as white as his hair and his genuine desire to promote healthy living is infectious..

In fact I think I’m actually showing symptoms myself of truly caring about having a regular fitness routine.

I’m pretty sure I caught it from him.








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