Reality Bites.

I am reading a book set in Paris during World War II.  France had just made the decision to let the Nazis occupy their country hoping that the bloodshed and devastation of all out war could be avoided.

Paranoia spread amongst the French people as they split themselves into shadowy factions: those actively working to undermine the Germans (the Resistance) and those trying to keep “the peace” at almost any cost.  Neighbor ratted on neighbor, friends betrayed friends, no one trusted anybody.

I couldn’t help but find parallels in this morning’s headline that Reality Winner (actual name)  a 25 year old, female, Air Force veteran had recently leaked classified NSA documents to the press. Her old Facebook pages were highly critical of Trump and she had in the past claimed he wasn’t “her president.” I’m sure Ms. Winner fancied herself a heroine of today’s much heralded “resistance.”

Well, Reality’s about to pay a very real price for that romantic fantasy.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I don’t have a problem with protests and political argument, but some people are behaving as if they have been “deputized” to betray basic codes of personal and ethical conduct. Whether its leaking documents, holding  up a fake, severed head of the president or engaging in verbal bullying.. these misguided folks have made the assumption that the supposed righteousness of their beliefs will immunize them from obvious and serious consequences of their actions.

I partially blame politicians and the press for creating such a sustained and enhanced state of blind agitation.  People like Ms. Winner are nothing more than useful tools to these instigators. (Let’s see if Nancy Pelosi who is headlining a “resistance protest” tonight will take time to visit this girl in jail.)

I have daughters in their twenties, so I know enough about this impressionable age that I can see how Ms. Winner may have been confused about the morality of her actions.  And with Michael Moore establishing “Trumpileaks” encouraging more acts of espionage and senators like Tim Kaine making fuzzy comments like this:

“Somebody who leaks documents against laws has got to suffer the consequences…But the American public is also entitled to know the degree to which Russia invaded the election to take the election away from American voters.”

One can almost forgive Reality Winner for taking the bait..almost.









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