Big and Little Things..

Yesterday I took out a few minutes to browse around our local TJMAXX. I was sifting through a stack of towels when I was startled by the sound of glass shattering. Seems the lady near me had dropped a small glass topiary globe on the floor and of course,  it smashed into pieces.

There’s a certain etiquette that exists at these stores when someone breaks a thing.  It’s a bit like the crying baby situation at don’t want to make the person feel uncomfortable (because at some point that was  -or will be-  you) so you try not to look..and if you do, you normally diffuse the situation with a sympathetic smile.

Funny thing was, I could see out of my peripheral vision that this twenty-something, glass dropper was on her phone texting..and it looked as if she was not only completely unfazed by the glass all over the floor, but she was not taking any action in response to it.

So yes, it was time to stare…and I did.

When our eyes locked, she grinned at me and said “I guess I need to find somebody..” to which I answered “yes.”

Up one aisle and down the other I casually rolled my empty carriage, and when I got back into the general accident vicinity I saw that the woman I’d spoken to had eased her way into the soap and shampoo department. She was still busily texting and obviously had no intention of alerting staff to the jagged glass just waiting to rip up some unwitting shopper’s flip-flopped-feet.

TJMAXX is sorely understaffed, as are all the stores it seems, so it took me forever to snag an employee and tell her about the glass shards on the floor.  Meanwhile the woman who broke the piece had casually moved on to the purses..

For the very life of me, I don’t get it.

How hard is it to do the “right thing” when it’s such a little thing?



photocredit:Keep Calm-o-Matic


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