Our Pride

It happens every time

 I wave goodbye to one of my kids,

turn away

and invariably stumble into a sea of melancholy.

The water is warm and inviting as I float around with eyes closed,

immersed in memories of a time

when all four of our cubs were with us..

Week-end bar-b-ques, working on school projects, Christmas mornings, lazy Sunday afternoons..

busted curfews, dented fenders, slammed doors, broken hearts.

And then,

one by one,

they grew into their oversized paws and

 wandered off to explore new plains..

as they should have..

of course.


The water becomes chilly

and I open my eyes

 taking a moment to praise God

for the inner potential each one of our kids is realizing

because of us,

in spite of us..

away from us..

and to thank Him once again

for my ever patient,

hard working,

(Stanley Cup obsessed)

king of the jungle..

still hangin’ out with me

in the tree.


photocredit:Daily Mail,ONE LUXURY


    • Well, my husband was being very sweet last night..so he offered that we could watch a movie instead of hockey. We picked a Nicholas Sparks one- I think it was called The Choice…wow- was it CORNY!- Finally, I couldn’t stand it one more minute and asked him to turn on the game…GO PENGUINS!!! 😀


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