The Art of Multi-tasking


Lets face it, most of us are busy people. When we jump into bed at the end of the day we most likely reflect on two lists..the list of stuff we’ve accomplished, and the list of stuff we didn’t have time to get to.  My “didn’t get to it list” often includes the important things I need to be doing for long-term health; like stretching.

My quest for better health began weeks ago and it didn’t take long before I ran into problems associated with my unbalanced approach of focusing on muscle building and ignoring muscle flexibility. I needed to be doing much more stretching but I simply could not seem to carve out the time or tap into the discipline needed to make the time.

So I’ve started multi-tasking.

I’m reading a book on the importance of whole body stretching and have decided to incorporate this practice into everything I do all day long; driving, sitting in church, reading, cleaning, pumping gas whatever.  Now before you have visions of me getting into a downward dog in the check-out line at Target, understand that I am not the type to attract undo attention to myself- ever

Nope, you’d never know what I was up to unless you were really staring in which case-




photocredit:Brown Library




    • “Forever Painless” by Miranda Esmonde-White. She has videos too, which I’m thinking might have been a better way to’s going to be hard to remember all of her stretches from pictures in the book. I think she’s also on PBS- though I’ve never seen her.


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