Can you sense trouble coming? Only if you’re listening..

I grew up spending most of my summers on the water; specifically on boats. We’d go out on trips, toss the anchor in, swim all day and sleep under the stars at night.

On one of those occasions, I remember waking up to a sound that was rather odd. It wasn’t overly loud, it wasn’t mechanical, it wasn’t was just different.

I laid still for a while listening to this sound, but finally rolled out of my bed to figure out exactly what I was hearing. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness outside I was shocked to discover we were in imminent danger.  The anchor had slipped during the night and we were only yards away from hitting a huge rock formation that lined a section of the shore.  The sound I had heard were the waves as they gently splashed against this large, cragged wall creating an echo off the stern of our vessel.

Sometimes you get that warning..

an echo of sorts pinging off impending trouble.

But you have to be still if you want to hear it.



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