My Husband, My Hero.

My quest to find a furry companion led my husband and me to the doors of a Charlotte Pet Smart this past Saturday.  The local Animal Rescue group was “showcasing” about 30 dogs who were up for adoption. I had seen a little pup on their website earlier in the week and when I inquired about him, the lady told me to come to the event so I could meet and play with him.

I’ll spare you the chaotic details, but suffice it to say, this is not a good way to try and find a pet; at least it’s not for me. It was hot and crowded and had the feel of a going out of business sale at MACY’S. No one was fighting over the “merchandise” per se, but it was still very intense.

When we found the dog I saw online, I asked the woman in charge if we could walk him to a quiet corner so we could get to know him better. She said “sure,” but within minutes  an overly aggressive guy showed up looking for the same dog. He went on and on about how he and his husband had recently lost their dog and how they fell in love with this little terrier the moment they saw his picture ..blah, blah blah.

What could I say? I mean this dog wasn’t I eventually handed the leash to the guy so he could have some private time with the pup as well.

My husband and I walked into the Pet Smart and spent about ten minutes roaming the aisles and talking.  Bless his heart, my man was ready to go right back out there and wrestle that dog away from the big, loud guy. “Do you want him Cindy?” he asked, ready to roll..

Enter a caption

My answer was an exasperated “I don’t know!” I hadn’t had any time to get a feel for this dog’s personality or anything else for that matter ….and by golly, this is a huge commitment!

I asked my husband what he thought about the dog.. not that I didn’t already know.  He isn’t crazy in love with the idea of having another pet (and all the work that comes with it)…. but he is crazy in love with me. So there we stood for a while amongst the leashes and squeaky toys, looking out the window at all of the dogs and all of the people until I knew for sure that I wasn’t least not sure enough to make this decision under this kind of pressure.

Later on that evening in a quiet booth at a local tavern, I reviewed the day’s events over a glass of bourbon. And there, sitting across the small table, listening to me analyze the situation for the 100th time was my husband, my hero, patiently reassuring me that things would turn out just fine in due time.

My gosh, how I love this man.









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