The Diagnosis

What I was writing about two years ago…


woman-in-white-lying-against-white-sheets-with-headacheI couldn’t deny it any longer.  I had to face the fact that I had somehow developed allergies.   I never had issues with mold or grass or anything..until about ten days ago. Then out of nowhere, I suddenly developed a host of symptoms.

I complained of my daily head ache to my husband who reminded me that it was that time of year with all manner of trees blooming and pollen accumulating like dust. I talked to my mom about the pressure, the heavy-eyes, the fatigue and this yucky, unshakable feeling of malaise. She told me she had a friend who developed terrible allergies later in life.

Of course, no matter what I talk to my mother about, she always seems to have “a friend” curtis-house-firewho has personal experience with whatever we’re discussing.  These  mystery friends either have the illness I am worried about, had some horrible experience in…

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