Clueless in Charleston

I never claimed I was a travel agent…ever- and I will freely admit, I’d be a LOUSY one!

This past week-end was the second time I have visited a city completely unaware of a major event taking place that would severely impact the entire area. The first time this happened was when our family visited Savannah, GA on St. Patricks Day week-end….uh huh- yeah.  For those who don’t know (like we didn’t) St. Patty’s Day is probably THE biggest day for Savannah tourism every is one of THE top destinations in the US for every wanna-be Irishman (or woman) who is serious about partying like a rock star with like minded, beer guzzling Lucky ‘Charms.’

Our first hint that something big was occurring in Charleston two days ago should have been the fact that the Ravenel Bridge was blocked by police cars.  “No worries” we thought as our navigation system began recalculating..and then went on recalculating and recalculating as pretty much every possible road into the downtown area was blocked as well. Turns out it was the annual Cooper River 10K run, and not only was the bridge blocked, so were most of the streets.

And the parking situation?


😱  Total nightmare. 😳

My husband and I forged our way through the chaos, eventually (miraculously!)  found a great place to drop off the car, and once we were settled enough to start talking to each other again..😉  had an absolutely magnificent time (as we always do) in this ever sweet & charming, southern city.

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